Our project

Prodie Santé is an ethical recruitment company for doctors worldwide. For more than 20 years, we have managed the intervention of thousands of caregivers and its deployment around the world adjusting to the needs of every country.   We have created an international medical community of 300,000 health professionals present on all continents, with great human quality equivalent to their clinical competence.   We recruit on behalf of institutions that urgently require (punctually or permanently) practitioners: governments, hospitals, clinics, etc.   Every year, we manage 800,000 days of intervention and work in 3,000 hospitals in 50 countries. We consider health as a universal good. In 2022 we decided to consolidate all of our solidarity actions under the same umbrella program,  and we gave birth to the Prodie Philanthropy project. This is Prodie Santé’s assistance plan. This program aims to fulfil the basic needs of human beings:
To do so, it is necessary to identify positive and constructive initiatives relating to biosciences and to federate the actors who, in their field, have the capacity and the will to make this project concrete, locally as well as on a large scale. Our daily and practical actions revolve around three lines of work connected with our vision, our expertise and our values:

We have developed a capacity to immediately mobilize our international medical community to help populations in difficulty.

We founded the Alliance of doctors in exile and defend the professional and personal interests of health workers who have fled their country for various reasons. These practitioners generally find themselves deprived of their right to practice their profession and therefore cannot help populations in distress, which represents a colossal loss on the scale of humanity.

We have developed the A doctor at your door” program in order to provide a healthcare solution in geographical areas victims of medical desertification and territories where basic healthcare is difficult to access. This is a considerable help for any government that finds difficulties providing human, logistical and economic resources to generalized access to healthcare for all the population.

We are financing a program for the direct distribution of microcredits in Niger in order to cover the school fees of children who did not have access to school.

We offer university scholarships in Morocco to support medical students who do not have the economical possibility of assuming their entire academical course.

We offer our healthcare staff recruitment services free of charge to meet the needs of NGOs such as Médecins sans frontières, Santé Sud or La Chaîne de l’Espoir.

We have joined the United Nations Global Compact to defend fundamental rights, fight against all forms of discrimination or corruption, and contribute to building a fairer and more united world.

The united future of humanity depends on common goods like access to healthcare, drinking water, food, housing, and education … You are a healthcare professional, researcher, engineer, teacher… You are trying to disseminate, share, offer (voluntarily or not) your expertise and solutions… Join us so that together we can build this future. contact@prodiephilanthropy.org These are some examples of projects that we would like to implement: mobile dispensaries, autonomous ecosystems (sanitation solutions, above-ground crops, telluric electrical systems, greenhouses, desalination solutions, etc.), housing solutions (like tiny houses), access to medical equipment and medication …