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NGO Support

February 27, 2014, the world celebrates “World NGO Day” to pay tribute to the work of NGOs around the world. These public utility organizations defend fundamental human rights and support health, social and associative structures in developing countries.

Prodie Santé cooperates with many medical NGOs for occasional or regular medical missions as part of their programs in various countries. We are proud to be the official partners of these established and respected humanitarian medical associations such as La Chaîne de l’espoir, Médecins sans frontières or Santé sud. For decades, they have been assisting populations whose lives and health are threatened by conflicts, epidemics, natural disasters, or exclusion from care.

Today, at the dawn of a new war and new conflicts in the world, we must take a step towards peace. This year we have decided to consolidate some of these collaborations. The missions will happen regularly with La Chaîne de l’espoir. This NGO does courageous work and cares for children and their mothers, trains local medical personnel, transfers medical technology and promotes the development of hospital structures in 28 countries. Prodie Santé and its team are ready to support them in their humanitarian action and promote access to healthcare everywhere and for everyone. We remain convinced that together we can accomplish great things, have a real impact, and improve people’s lives.