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International healthcare foundation

The world needs our help, and more than ever. In case you are not yet aware, there are thousands of people without access to things that are so necessary to live such as drinking water, basic food, education, decent housing and, what seems to us the most serious of all, health. Without health we are nothing, it is vital for the human being.

For this reason, faced with this global problem, we decided to create Prodie Philanthropy, an international healthcare foundation whose main mission is to bring health to areas of the planet where, unfortunately, they lack it. Because health is a universal good and we all have the right to enjoy it, without distinction and regardless of where we live. So if you are looking for a medical NGO to collaborate with, you can join us.

To put you in a situation, the main objective that, since our birth, we set ourselves in our international healthcare foundation, has been, is and always will be to satisfy the vital needs of the human being, in short, we do not want to leave any corner of the planet without having them covered.

To achieve this, we have created the Prodie Santé project, a program in which we have collected all the humanitarian work that we currently have active, which, in addition, have been traced and developed based on our values, our vision as a company and all the experience that we have compiled during these 20 years of activity. Among these solidarity actions, we highlight our international aid program, our free medical services for NGOs such as Doctors Without Borders or our recent commitment to the United Nations Global Compact.

Prodie Philanthropy, international healthcare foundation

Prodie Philanthropy, as an international healthcare foundation, is basically in charge of the ethical recruitment of doctors, all over the world, so that they offer their services as health professionals in those most disadvantaged areas of the planet, areas in which governments do not count. with sufficient resources, neither human, nor logistical, nor economic, to cover the needs of its citizens.

For this reason, when an institution from one of these countries contacts us, we immediately mobilize our international medical community so that they go to help these areas with more difficulties. In addition, we can proudly say that, during these 20 years, we have managed to create a community with more than 300,000 health professionals, from doctors, engineers, teachers, researchers, and a long etcetera.

As we have already mentioned a few lines above, all of us who are part of this international healthcare foundation consider that health is a universal good and, for this reason, we fight every day to establish it in as much of the world as possible.

This humanitarian aid that we offer would not be possible without our collaborators, thanks to whom our doctors are currently present in more than 3,000 hospitals, spread over more than 50 different countries and on all continents. In addition, with your moral help, your solidarity and your efforts every year we administer 800,000 days of intervention. If you want to be part of the Prodie Philanthropy family, do not hesitate to contact us through our website for more information.